Free curated content to guide you through museums and tourist sites

Use a free app on your own cell phone when visiting museums and tourist sites. Enjoy the professional, curated content, created in co-operation with the museums and other tourist sites using Guidio.

Keep clear of absurd roaming charges

Download the contents over Wi-Fi for offline usage.

Find museums and get familiar with exhibitions

Guidio lets you locate museums, browse exhibition contents visually, share the exhibits with your friends and mark down your favorite exhibits.

Get a visual overview of the exhibition

Swipe between exhibits

Or enter item number

No need to borrow other devices and headphones

Guidio uses the same speaker that is used during phone calls. Hence, you can keep the phone comfortably on ear when listening to the guidance – and you won't bother others either. For optimal convenience you can naturally use your headphones.

Get it in your language

Prioritize the languages based on your personal preference and always get the guidance with the most suitable language available.

How to get started?

  1. Download the Guidio from App store or the Android Play market.
  2. Install the application and allow positioning.
  3. Browse through the locations and exhibitions.
  4. Download the exhibition.
  5. Enjoy and learn!

Frequently asked questions

Which venues currently supports Guidio?

the list of supported venues is constantly growing. The first venues are located in Finland. See the up to date venue list.

Which languages does the Guidio user interface provide?

English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian are the currently supported languages. More are on the way!

How do I change my language preferences?

Go to the side menu (swipe from the left side of the screen). Under Languages you can set your preferences by dragging the list items up and down.

How can I delete audio guides?

Go to side menu / my museums. Select the exhibition you want to remove, and choose Delete.

Does Guidio require data roaming?

No. Guidio can be used offline after the content is downloaded.

Why should I allow the positioning?

For a really useful feature in a foreign city! Guidio will automatically find the cultural attractions near you.

I have a question or suggestion. Who do I contact?